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BAGTAG gets you to the front of the check-in line. Get to the airport ready to fly and drop off your baggage upon arrival.

Avoid check-in lines for good

Get to the airport ready to fly

We are here to change the way you travel with baggage. By digitalising the outdated paper label, we can take the entire check-in process off-airport.

Take control of your journey

Already checked in at 350+ airports worldwide

Where is BAGTAG used?

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BAGTAG: the works

This animation explains how your journey changes with an electronic bag tag from booking your flight until boarding.

In the media

”No more annoyance at the check-in counter and minimizes the risk of the suitcase getting lost.”



”With NFC technology, the baggage information remains on the display even without energy.”


”Skip lines and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with checking your own luggage.”



”Check-in can be shortened to 4 seconds without touching anything other than your own baggage.”


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”Avoid unnecessary waiting times, points of contact with other travellers in the airport.”



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