Avoid crowded airports

We check in your bag so you can carry on.

You control the check-in of your own luggage and don’t have to queue at the airport to get a paper label. This way you can enjoy a faster and safer trip.

A smarter, easier and faster journey

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Skip queues

and avoid crowded airports

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Tag your bag

check-in from anywhere

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Travel proof

made to last a lifetime of travel

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Less paper waste

reduce the use of paper labels

Avoid crowded airports

1. Book a flight

with one of our partner airlines

2. Check in

your baggage from anywhere

3. Drop off

your bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoy

the rest of your journey

BAGTAG is the ultimate device for worldwide travelling

and has been through more than 300 airports globally

Where is BAGTAG used?

You can use BAGTAG at the following airlines

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