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Easily connect to the BAGTAG platform

We always take a tailored approach to any collaboration so we’re pleased to assist in finding what works best for you and your company.

Connect DCS & BAGTAG

Request BAGTAG through your DCS provider, or if they’re not integrated with our platform yet, we’re happy to get in touch on your behalf.

We enable BAGTAG service

BAGTAG adds your airline to the platform through a secure exchange process. Right now, your passengers can start using all BAGTAG-supported tags from the BAGTAG app. No efforts required on your end.

Optional app integration

Go the extra mile and integrate the entire user experience in your airline’s app. We fully brand our purpose-built App Framework so it will seamlessly fit into any check-in experience.

Amadeus x BAGTAG

Amadeus and BAGTAG have a direct connection between each other’s systems, enabling airlines in the Amadeus community to implement our electronic bag tag solutions even quicker.

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