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Find out how to use the BAGTAG Flex for your first journey and/or download the manual below.

We wish you many great trips with BAGTAG!

Your device works in combination with the BAGTAG app and with connected airlines. For a list of connected airlines, please check our website.

To activate your BAGTAG, download the BAGTAG mobile application in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 1: Sign up or log in to the BAGTAG app before registering the device. 

Step 2: Go to the device tab (suitcase icon) after logging in and select the ‘Add device’ option.

Step 3: To connect the BAGTAG with your phone, choose the ‘Activate with NFC’ option and place the back of your phone close to the device.

Continue to hover the phone until a blue light appears on top of the BAGTAG, indicating that the devices are attempting to connect. Wait till the blue light remains blue, which means the devices are connected.

Step 1: Check in your bag through the supported airline/BAGTAG app. 

Step 2: Choose your flight and activate the BAGTAG with NFC. Follow the instructions in the airline app to update the BAGTAG display. The label should be successfully sent to the BAGTAG, and the flight information will appear on the e-paper display.

Please note: The check-in process can differ per airline. Check the airline’s website for the correct instructions.

Attach: Wrap the strap around the suitcase handle and put it back in the strap holder. Pull to tighten. The BAGTAG is now secured to your bag.

Detach: Use the included security pin to unlock the attachment mechanism. Pull the strap out. The BAGTAG is now detached from your bag. 

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