On my Android phone I keep getting error messages when trying to connect to my BAGTAG. How can this be solved?

December 22 2017

Android phones use varying Bluetooth protocols. With some phones you have to clear your “Bluetooth memory” before connecting to your BAGTAG. Doing this generally involves the following steps: go to Settings > Apps, reveal System Apps and search for Bluetooth share (this can be named differently depending on model and brand). In the Bluetooth share information, tap storage, select the ‘clear data’ option and reboot your phone. Please note that this will disconnect your phone from other devices. If following the above steps did not work, please contact us through the contact button above.

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Dec 22 2017 //

My BAGTAG will not update after following all steps in the airline Android app. What should I do?

Please check if your internet connection is working fine and Bluetooth is switched on. If both are functioning properly ...

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