What is required to use your BAGTAG?

December 22 2017

You need an Android phone, operating Android 4.4 or higher, or an iPhone, operating iOS 8.4.1 or higher, functioning and activated Bluetooth connection and a working internet connection. Currently, you can only use BAGTAG within Lufthansa's iOS and Android app.

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How do I attach the BAGTAG to my suitcase?

We offer three different methods to attach the BAGTAG to your bag of choice. You can find more information on how to do thi...

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How do I transfer my flight information to my BAGTAG?

You can transfer all required information from within your airline mobile application, after check-in. Please note that the...

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When can I update the BAGTAG?

The BAGTAG can be updated from within your airline mobile application after you have checked in.

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