Why being an early bird can get you ahead of the travel game

How to enjoy the benefits that come with preparing trips in advance.

Why being an early bird pays off

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your social media feed and come across a post about a beautiful beach destination or historical city that you’ve been wanting to visit. You feel a sudden urge to book a flight and escape to paradise. But before you click the “Book now” button, consider this: booking your flight early can make a huge difference in your travel experience. So even though you’re like to leave tomorrow, consider to check out some dates further down the line.

Not only can you take advantage of early bird discounts and promotions, but you’ll also have more options for flight times, dates, and seats. Imagine having the flexibility to choose the perfect flight that fits your schedule and preferences. No worrying about a nearly fully booked flight or dealing with the stress of last-minute deals.

Booking early can also give you peace of mind, knowing that your travel plans are set in stone. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to your upcoming adventure. So, next time you feel the urge to book a spontaneous trip, remember that planning ahead can save you money, give you more options, and provide you with a stress-free travel experience.

How early birds get the best deals

Booking a flight early can be a great way to save money and secure your desired travel itinerary. Read on to learn about a couple of strategies you can use to maximize the benefits of booking early.

Compare and conduct a cross-check

Flight comparison websites such as Kayak, Skyscanner oder Google Flights provide a convenient way to compare all the available options in one place instead of individually searching multiple airline websites.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note that not all airlines or travel providers may be included in these websites. Therefore, it is advisable to cross-check the prices and availability directly on the airline’s website, as some airlines may not collaborate with these websites.

Another advantage of booking directly with the airline is that you can enrol in loyalty programs to receive rewards and perks, and you may also want to think about getting travel insurance for extra reassurance. 

Be flexible with your travel dates and locations

If you’re not restricted to travelling on specific dates, you can check prices for a range of dates and choose the cheapest one. Flights can be significantly cheaper if you’re able to travel during off-peak seasons or less popular travel days. By avoiding peak season, not only can you save money, but you can also avoid the crowds and long lines at the airport.

Similarly, being flexible with your destination can also be helpful. Instead of choosing a specific city or airport, you can broaden your search to include nearby airports or even other destinations altogether. This can often save you money and also give you the opportunity to explore other places along the way.

Keep an eye out for early bird discounts

Typically, airlines and travel organisations release their early bird deals around six to eight months before departure. By setting up alerts on your favourite airline websites or using price comparison websites, you can stay informed of any early bird deals and grab them before they’re gone.

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