Integration is easy!

Updating the app with EBT functionality is very easily done. The example app demonstrates how to include the BAGTAG EBT Framework. The BAGTAG EBV Framework provides a fully functional interface that can be customised to match the airline’s app in just a few steps.

Example app

To quickly try out the EBT Framework, an example app is provided. The example app is a project with the bare minimum code to launch the BAGTAG EBT Framework and update any EBT. Available for iOS and Android.

Get the Example app here.


With the example app up and running, you can match the styling features to match the airline’s app.

Change colors, fonts, buttons

Language localisation

Optionally, all texts within the framework can be changed to match your preferred tone-of-voice. With multi-language support.

Update localised texts

Baggage check-in

The EBT displays the same information as a paper tag would show. In order to get this information, baggage must be checked-in at the DCS and then passed on to the EBT.


Read more about baggage check-in.


Finally, with the last step is to add the BAGTAG EBT Framework to the airline app.

Final installation


More and more passenger will discover the benefits of flying with an EBT. More EBT products will come to the market. Keeping up with this changing market is easy, the BAGTAG EBT Framework is compatible with all protocols, and can be easily updated when needed. 

Stay up-to-date!

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