Check in with AEGEAN

Use the AEGEAN app to check in for your trip as you usually would. You will be able to update the BAGTAG throughout the check-in process.

Gepäck kennzeichnen

Choose ‘check in’ to create your bag tag and activate your electronic tag by following the steps in the app. 

After updating the electronic bag tag, the AEGEAN app shows you the essential information that should be found on the tag’s display. Please check and confirm that the display and the information match. If you notice any discrepancies, or if the transfer has not been successful, you can start a new transfer attempt by tapping on ‘Cancel’.

Gepäck aufgeben

BAGTAG-Nutzer kommen immer gut vorbereitet am Flughafen an. Sie müssen nur noch Ihr Gepäck aufgeben.

BAGTAGs werden an Self Service Automaten und an Check-in Schaltern akzeptiert.

Guten Flug!

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