Icelandair x BAGTAG

Icelandair introduces electronic bag tags for crew members.

Electronic Bag Tags (EBT) replace the paper luggage label on check-in baggage.

They can help to improve the crew journey as it shortens waiting time at the airport and avoids queuing. It also reduces the number of touchpoints, further ensuring your health and safety. Therefore, we are testing this new concept with the assistance of BAGTAG. You will be provided with a BAGTAG to test for yourself.

Wie funktioniert's

Using BAGTAG is easy if you know how it works. Please watch the video to learn more about BAGTAG. 

Thank you for participating in the BAGTAG x Icelandair crew proof of concept. You will receive regular updates and instructions but overall, it’s simply a matter of using the BAGTAG and filling out a survey afterwards.

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