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Electronic Bag Tags (EBT’s) are the next step in optimising and future-proofing the airline customer experience and passenger journey.

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We are BAGTAG.

It is our mission to make travelling with checked baggage more comfortable and easier than travelling with carry-on.

We are not just providing airlines with the right solutions for that, we are also helping to implement them throughout. At the same time, we make sure that your passengers transition along with you.

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"With BAGTAG, we take the entire check-in process off-airport"

Electronic Bag Tags?

Electronic Bag Tags are the paperless, electronic alternative to the outdated paper baggage check-in labels.

The reusable electronic device using e-paper can be easily prepared and attached to suitcases by travellers at home.

Once passengers run their online check-in, they will receive an electronic version of their baggage tag that syncs with BAGTAG’s device.

With BAGTAG, time and touchpoints needed for check-in can be reduced significantly by enabling passengers to arrive at the airport fully prepared for their flight.

The passenger journey reimagined

1. Books a flight

bei angeschlossenen Airlines

2. Checks in

their baggage von überall aus

3. Drops off

their bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoys

the rest of their journey

Proven technology

Over 350,000 

on BAGTAG platform

92% of passengers would use again

after just one use

4x more bags handled

per hour

BAGTAG ist das ideale Gerät für weltweites Reisen.

and has been through more than 300 airports globally.

Where is BAGTAG used?

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the aviation industry is facing its most adverse demand shock ever.
This white paper gives aviation leaders quick wins to resume operations safely by
implementing Electronic Bag Tags.

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