Durable, easy-to-use and proven technology

BAGTAG Fix has become a trusted companion for many travellers. It is permanently attached to a hard- or softcase suitcase, but is often bought with the BAGTAG Belt, so that it is easily interchanged between suitcases.

Our first BAGTAG

The BAGTAG Fix was our first BAGTAG on the market and runs smoothly with our connected airline partners.

It has seen over 300 airports worldwide and is proven to withstand all travel conditions.

Made to last a lifetime

Unlike the BAGTAG Flex, the Fix does have a battery. That being said, it was never made to recharge as it lasts over 2.500 flights.

The day a traveller makes that distance, we are happy to give them a new one.

Button activated

The button on the BAGTAG Fix has 3 Funktionen:

1. Pressing it once activates Bluetooth communication for 15 seconds.

2. Pressing it three times in rapid succession blanks the screen. This means your baggage information is not visible. 

3. Pressing it three times again brings back the information.

Easily customisable

The blue bumper as well as the Flexible Lösung are really easily customised and can be delivered relatively quickly.

Which makes for a great gift to your flyers!

Distribution opportunities

Of course, BAGTAG in any way will roll out hardware distribution into the airline’s market. But there are many ways our partners benefit from distributing hardware themselves:


Minimum of 20% margin

Gift to frequent flyers

Great loyalty gift

BAGTAG E-commerce

Receive kickback fee

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