BAGTAG Flex for airlines

Flexible, batteryless, touchless & customizable

BAGTAG FLEX makes travelling with an electronic bag tag even better. Furthermore, this BAGTAG can be fully customized in airline branding, making it the perfect gift or product for your flyers. It is also the most low-cost electronic tag available on the market. Meet our newest innovation.


The BAGTAG Flex can be used on any type of bag and is interchangeable.

The BAGTAG Flex has a smart tiewrap-like lock system that can endure any flight, but at the same time is easy to reattach to a different bag.

Battery- & touchless

Der BAGTAG Flex ist komplett batterielos und lässt sich problemlos mit jedem Mobiltelefon verbinden.

With the use of Near Field Communication technology, this BAGTAG can be uploaded without even touching the device. It uses a very small amount of energy from the phone it connects to, in order to update its e-paper label.

Fully customisable

The BAGTAG Flex can be customised in colour, print, and/or logo. 

The packaging can be customized to fully fit any brand aesthetic as well.


Depending on the order size, this BAGTAG is available for airline partners only at half the price – or even less – of its predecessor.

Combined with all the new improved features this makes for a truly cost-effective solution to implement BAGTAGs within airline operations, use it as a gift for your frequent flyers, or have your crew fly paperless.

Distribution opportunities

Of course, BAGTAG in any way will roll out hardware distribution into the airline’s market. But there are many ways our partners benefit from distributing hardware themselves:


Minimum of 20% margin

Gift to frequent flyers

Great loyalty gift

BAGTAG E-commerce

Receive kickback fee

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