At BAGTAG, we like to deliver all-round service with all of our software and products. Find out how we can assist to make implementing BAGTAG even easier.

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Technical support

Our team is ready to assist your technical staff to implement BAGTAG’s solutions. We’re even happy to spend a some hours internally to set things up if that is necessary. But, as the framework is easily set up, being a phone call away is often more than enough.

Roll out & customer support

We will assist in teaching your staff and customers how to use BAGTAG comfortably. It being such an easy to use product, all you need is some handy guides and instructional videos.

At any time, we have our own customer service ready to help passengers who still run into any problems.

Increasing revenue

Whether you are reselling BAGTAGs or making use of our white-labeled e-commerce setup, we are pleased to provide you with the necessary materials to make the most out of your partnership with BAGTAG.

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