BAGTAG integrated suitcases

Smart luggage that can check itself in. Become a pioneer in the suitcase industry in the easiest way possible.

Truly smart luggage

Travel technology of the future that is already here: suitcase integrated BAGTAGs


The BAGTAG Fix is ready to be integrated into any hard case suitcase.


The BAGTAG network and platform is already operational.


Your customers can use the BAGTAG app and/or the airline’s application to check in their luggage.

Become a pioneer

For every suitcase, there is a traveller the suitcase manufacturer has no idea of how they are using it…. Take a truly unique market position through BAGTAG.

Get to know your customer

Passengers will register their personal data and track their travel journeys through the BAGTAG application.

Product line optimisation

By doing so, you can track suitcase usage over product life and learn which product lines are heavily used and by whom.

Continuously learn from customers and align development efforts.

Targeted marketing approach

Utilise your user’s travel behaviour insights to segment and tailor a marketing approach to your various users. Meaning you can improve customer lifetime value by being able to present highly tailored offers.

Ultimately, the end goal will be a happier customer and traveller.

And more..

Furter optimise suitcases with a BAGTRACK compartment. Run campaigns with us to reach more travellers. Work with major carriers on specially designed lines for their crew.

There are plenty of opportunities after the first few steps.

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