How BAGTAG works

Find out how you can travel better & smarter with BAGTAG, how to update your electronic luggage label, and more.

Avoid crowded airports in 4 easy steps

1. Check in

with one of our partner airlines

2. Tag

your baggage from anywhere

3. Drop off

your bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoy

the rest of your journey

The unique BAGTAG platform

The BAGTAG Software Platform forms the link of information that entirely recreates the ecosystem of checking-in luggage at the airport. Only in this case, there are no physical staff or paper labels needed.

It connects with the airline where it retrieves your flight and baggage information, and uploads the label onto your BAGTAG

Secure and fully encrypted.

Interoperable, meaning any future Electronic Bag Tag device can be connected.

Globally accepted: our BAGTAGs have already been through more than 300 airports worldwide and are seeing new locations every day.

The electronic bag tag is the ultimate device for travel with check-in luggage.

The device works in combination with the BAGTAG app and with connected airlines. It is also extremely sturdy and is made to withstand all travel and airport conditions.

Dropping off your baggage is the only thing you need to do at the airport.

Label your luggage at the same time as checking in for your flight on your mobile phone or other devices. 

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