How to use the BAGTAG Flex

Learn more on how to use the BAGTAG Flex.

Tagging your bag

Simply check in your baggage through the airline or BAGTAG application.

You can find a full explanation for each airline under the supported airline section. It’s as easy as checking in for a flight.

Air Dolomiti
China Southern

The BAGTAG Flex should be attached to the narrow, long side of your suitcase. 

  1. The BAGTAG Flex has a wrap lock system and is easy to reattach to a different bag.
  2. Simply wrap the BAGTAG on the handle of the preferred bag. 
  3. Tighten the strap to make sure the BAGTAG is securely attached. 

Detaching the BAGTAG

Reattach the BAGTAG Flex to another bag. 

Detach the BAGTAG Flex by using the safety pin you have received in your BAGTAG package.


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