How to use Track

Discover how to use Track and download the manual below. Please note, that the Track does not have an on/off button. It only uses power when moving. 

Register in the BAGTAG app

Already have a BAGTAG app account? Then you can skip this part.

Download the BAGTAG app in the App Store or Google Play Store and create a new BAGTAG account by signing up with your e-mail address.

Add your device

Add the Track to your devices in the BAGTAG app.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Devices’ section in the BAGTAG app.

Step 2: Choose the option ‘Track’ and follow the instructions in the app to start adding the device by scanning the QR code on the back of the Track.

The Track is now registered to your account.

Location & notifications

When you go to the ‘Devices’ section of the app and select ‘View location,’ you can see the Track’s current location.

You will receive notifications about the baggage arrival and battery status. Please note that the Track won’t use any battery when it’s not moving. 

Start your first journey

Want to use the Track for a flight? First, check in for a flight by following one of the steps below. 

With an electronic bag tag:

The Track is automatically added to each journey you take.

Without an electronic bag tag:

Check in for your flight by selecting the airline in the BAGTAG app and fill in your flight number. The BAGTAG app will have found your flight after check-in and your journey can begin.

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