How to use Track

With our unique, real-time tracker you are fully in control of knowing where your baggage is at all times.

Connect to the BAGTAG app

Scan the QR code on the BAGTAG Track to start registering the tracker with the BAGTAG app.

Add Track to your devices

After scanning the QR code you will have to add the tracker to the ‘devices’ section in the BAGTAG app. Follow the instructions in the app to start adding the device.

The Track should now be displayed in the ‘devices’ section of the BAGTAG app.

Start first journey

First, check-in for your flight by selecting the airline in the BAGTAG app, which will redirect you to the airline’s check-in process.

The BAGTAG app will have found your flight after you check in, and the journey can begin.

Track the location

After checking in your baggage you can see the current location of your bag in the ‘journey’ section (the aircraft icon).

You can also see when the Track has updated for the last time and how much battery it has left.

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