Check in with Alaska Airlines

Use the Alaska Airlines app to check in & label your baggage.

Step 1

First time usage

When using the BAGTAG for the first time, you must enable the ‘electronic bag tag’ function in the Alaska Airlines app. This step looks different for iOS and Android.

iOS: Go to the Alaska Airlines app settings on your phone and turn on the ‘Use Electronic Bag Tag’ function.

Android: Go to the menu in the Alaska Airlines app, select ‘settings’ and turn on the ‘electronic bag tag’ function.

Step 2

Check in your bag

Start the process by navigating to your flight in the Alaska Airlines app. After that, go to the ‘electronic bag tag’ option and select ‘update bag tag’ to start checking in your bag and create an electronic label. 

Regardless of the method, you will be directed to the preceding declaration concerning the carriage of dangerous goods. You have to acknowledge and confirm this declaration for legal reasons. After the confirmation, you are guided to the process of tagging your bag. 

Step 3

Tag your bag

Enter your e-mail address and proceed. Your e-mail address is only used for sending a confirmation about your bag tag.

Choose ‘check in’ to create your bag tag and activate the BAGTAG by following the steps in the app. 

After updating, the Alaska Airlines app shows you the essential information that should be found on the tag’s display. Please check and confirm that the display and the information match. If you notice any discrepancies, or if the transfer has not been successful, you can start a new transfer attempt.

Step 4

Drop off at the airport

Your bag is now ready for its flight. All you have to do is drop off your baggage at the airport at any self-service bag drop machine or a staffed check-in counter.

Enjoy your trip!

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