"With BAGTAG, we take the entire check-in process off-airport"

It's nice to meet you. We are BAGTAG.

It is our mission to make travelling with checked baggage more comfortable and easier than travelling with carry-on.

We are not just providing you with the right solutions for that, we are also helping to implement them throughout.

 At the same time, we make sure that your passengers transition along with you.

Over 350,000 

on BAGTAG platform

92% of passengers would use again

after just one use

4x more bags handled

per hour

Also proudly working with

Amadeus logo

We have connected with Amadeus Altea to make BAGTAG software installment even easier. Amadeus and BAGTAG have a direct connection between each other’s systems, enabling airlines in the Amadeus community to implement electronic bag tag solutions quicker, within a matter of weeks.

With BAGTAG’s multi-vendor platform launched, RIMOWA and BAGTAG joined forces to enable all RIMOWA users to use their Electronic Tags on all BAGTAG connected airlines. Besides connecting all RIMOWA users through BAGTAG’s EBT platform, BAGTAG also onboarded all Electronic Tag users through the BAGTAG app.

Resolve check-in lines for good

Save 20 minutes…

On checking in a passenger. With BAGTAG passengers can drop off their baggage immediately after arriving at the airport. They arrive at the airport ready to fly.

Digital transformation

People want to be in control of their own journey, every step of the way, through their personal mobile devices.

Over 85% of flyers already use their mobile to do so.

Digitalised passenger journey

1. Books a flight

with one of our partner airlines

2. Checks in

their baggage from anywhere

3. Drops off

their bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoys

the rest of their journey

Already used at 350+ airports

Where is BAGTAG used?

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