Avoid crowded airports in 4 easy steps

1. Check in

with one of our partner airlines

2. Tag

your luggage from anywhere

3. Drop off

your bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoy

the rest of your journey

How BAGTAG works

With BAGTAG, no physical check-in desk staff or paper labels are needed. 

BAGTAG establishes a connection with the supported airline, retrieving your flight and baggage information. The luggage label is then uploaded to the e-paper display of the electronic bag tag.

The BAGTAG devices are compatible with a number of connected airlines.

Under the supported airline area, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to use BAGTAG with each airline.

BAGTAG devices

Our electronic bag tags work in combination with the BAGTAG app and/or airline app. 

The devices are made to withstand all travel and airport conditions. 

Use the BAGTAG app to control and try out your BAGTAG and RIMOWA Electronic Tag.

Download the BAGTAG app in order to register your device and to optimise your BAGTAG experience.

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