How it works

Learn more about travelling with BAGTAG.

Avoid crowded airports

1. Check in

with one of our partner airlines

2. Tag

your luggage from anywhere

3. Drop off

your bag directly at the airport

4. Enjoy

the rest of your journey

It’s our mission to make travelling with check-in baggage smarter, easier, and faster.

BAGTAG retrieves flight and baggage information from its supported airlines. The luggage label is then uploaded to the e-paper display of the electronic bag tag. 

Check-in & label simultaneously

Whether it’s from a hotel, home, Airbnb or even on the road, check in your bags from wherever you like, at the same time as you would check in for your flight.

The airline app is used to check in your baggage and transfer the luggage label to the BAGTAG device. The flight details will be displayed on the e-paper display.

No more queueing for a paper label

Our electronic bag tags work in combination with the BAGTAG app and connected airlines.

To register the BAGTAG device or to explore its features, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the BAGTAG app.

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