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BAGTAG completely recreates the ecosystem of airport baggage check-in, but without physical staff or paper luggage labels. 

Be in control of your journey

We prefer to be in charge of our travels at all times, and mostly through our mobile devices. BAGTAG is here to help you gain even more control by offering a more comfortable and easier way to travel with check-in baggage.

It is our mission to make travelling with checked baggage more comfortable and easier than travelling with a carry-on.

How? By skipping one of the most stressful lines of your journey: the baggage check-in. By dropping off your bags immediately upon airport arrival you’re free to take whatever baggage you like, without having to waste time at the departure airport.

Discover electronic bag tags

The electronic bag tag makes travel with check-in luggage easier and more comfortable. The device is the paperless, electronic alternative to the paper luggage label you receive at the airport check-in desk. 

The BAGTAG devices have been through more than 350 airports worldwide, can withstand all travel conditions and sustain any baggage handling process. They don’t need to be recharged and are made to last a lifetime of travel.

Travel future proof

Travel future proof with BAGTAG. Arrive at the airport fully prepared for your flight by labelling your luggage beforehand.  You can do this at the same time as checking in for your flight.

Supported airlines

The BAGTAG devices are compatible with a number of connected airlines. On the supported airline page, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to use BAGTAG with each airline.

An increasing number of major airlines are in the process of linking with the BAGTAG platform, allowing you to travel better with check-in baggage on additional carriers.

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