Why use BAGTAG

There are many ways BAGTAG helps you travel smarter.

Skip queues & save time

Skip the frustration at the airport check-in desks, and start your journey with BAGTAG. The only thing you need to do is drop off your bag at the airport. This way you save time and can enjoy your trip a bit longer.  

Check in from anywhere

Checking in your bag used to mean queuing at the airport check-in desks to receive a paper label. Tag your baggage at the same time as checking in online for your flight on your mobile device.

Stay safe

Travelling has changed due to the recent pandemic. BAGTAG eliminates touchpoints and queuing along the way.

Travel and airport-proof

BAGTAGs have been through more than 300 airports worldwide. They can withstand all travel conditions and sustain any baggage handling process. They do not need recharging and should last a lifetime.

Less lost luggage

About 25 million bags are lost each year – often due to a lack of readability of the paper labels and old labels on the bag. With BAGTAG, you are sure of the high-quality readability of your label.

Fit for any kind of travel

Whether you’re travelling alone for business or going on a holiday with your family. BAGTAG benefits any kind of traveller. No more waiting in line to receive a paper label for your suitcase or to check in many bags for a family trip.

"It saved me from almost missing a flight because my train was delayed! I often use it at Frankfurt or München Airport and it really works seamlessly there as there is a special line for checked in baggage."
Thorsten Krebs
Flying with Lufthansa

Sustainable alternative

The current paper labels are non-recyclable, and thus a strain on the environment. Instead, use BAGTAG to reduce paper waste on your journey. 

Already used at 350+ airports worldwide

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