RIMOWA Electronic Tag

The first fully integrated solution

As the world’s first, RIMOWA – now part of the LVMH family, introduced electronic bag tags to the public. And not just any tag… fully integrated into the iconic RIMOWA design it has become a unique product.


One simple integration.

With BAGTAG’s multi-vendor platform launched, RIMOWA and BAGTAG joined forces to enable all RIMOWA users to use their Electronic Tags on all BAGTAG connected airlines.

One integration, one app

A well-connected partnership

Besides connecting all RIMOWA users through BAGTAG’s EBT platform, RIMOWA and BAGTAG also partnered up by onboarding all Electronic Tag users through the BAGTAG app.

Truly smart luggage

Travel technology of the future that is already here: suitcase integrated BAGTAGs


The BAGTAG – FIX is fully ready to be integrated into any hard case suitcase.


The BAGTAG network and platform is already operational.


Your customers can use the BAGTAG app and/or the airline’s application to check in their luggage.

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