From soft- and hardware, to service and partnerships, BAGTAG has more to offer than meets the eye. Find out what BAGTAG can do to help you take the next step for your passengers.


BAGTAG’s Electronic Bag Tag solutions can be divided into 3 main clusters of solutions delivered. Together, they provide a full, all-round service to airlines, vendors and customers.

BAGTAG Software

Implementing Electronic Bag Tags into any airline operation is an easy process thanks to our BAGTAG EBT Platform. Our software fits seamlessly into current operations and there are no structural changes needed.

The BAGTAG software provided to partners:

1. DCS connection

Provide a boarding pass or booking reference and baggage allowance is checked and bag tags are created. 

2. APP Integration

Either fully integrate BAGTAG within the airline application or simply have passengers use the BAGTAG app.

BAGTAG Hardware

Although any Electronic Bag Tag device can run on our software, we also manufacture EBTs: our very own BAGTAGs.

Fully compliant with known regulations, passengers can easily use the BAGTAG Fix or BAGTAG Flex to check in their bags. The BAGTAG Flex is currently only available for airline partners. We are also introducing BAGTRACK start of Q4 2021. 

Already flown through over 300 airports worldwide

Our latest addition: customizable for partners & batteryless

To provide full allround baggage service

BAGTAG Services

We don’t just deliver EBT soft- and hardware, we also make sure it runs smoothly, that you are able to market it, and that you can customise your EBT setup exactly the way you like it. Our solutions are flexible and so are we. 

BAGTAGs in your airline colour? No problem.

Do you only want to sell the tags via your website? We’ll get you a white-labeled e-commerce platform.

You want the software ready to run within a month? We’ll set you up.

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