BAGTRACK seamlessly connects with BAGTAG devices. They truly travel together in order to provide superior baggage service.

With this unique, real-time tracker passengers are fully in control of knowing where their luggage is, at all times.


The BAGTRACK is the only luggage tracker purely designed for tracking baggage on designated flights.

It knows where it’s supposed to be going!

Meaning not only can BAGTRACK notify where luggage is located at all times, but it will also warn its owner when it notices it is going to miss a flight.

We have partnered with Versa, a Dutch company pioneering tracking technology, and developed our latest product: BAGTRACK.

How it works

The BAGTRACK can be put into any piece of luggage and passengers can check the location of their bag in the BAGTAG app.

They get regular updates on the whereabouts of their baggage, for example when the BAGTRACK enters the aircraft, or when it is ready for pick up at the baggage belt.


Quickly retrieve a misplaced bag or prevent it from missing a flight

Patented automatic flight mode, compliant with aviation regulations

Global coverage both indoors and outdoors

Travellers can check the location of their bag via app

Battery lasts up to 6 international flights


BAGTRACK is fully compatible with BAGTAG and compliant with all aviation regulations.

When travellers own a BAGTRACK, they will receive an automatic notification when they upload their BAGTAG, asking to add it to their journey. From then on, the tracker is completely up to date and can even warn its owner when it thinks their bag is about to get lost.

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