BAGTAG Software platform

Welcome to the world’s first fully interoperable, secure and globally accepted electronic bag tag software ever created. Made to fit any kind of airline operations.

Let us show you where we are so proud of.

BAGTAG Software Platform

The BAGTAG Software Platform forms the link of information that entirely recreates the ecosystem of checking-in luggage at the airport. Only in this case, there are no physical staff or paper labels needed.

Not making things all too technical, the platform ultimately extends into two active “connections”:

1.  DSC connection = between BAGTAG and the airline
2. Application Framework = what the customer experiences

Secure and fully encrypted.

Interoperable, meaning any future electronic bag tag device can be connected.

Globally accepted: our BAGTAGs have already been through more than 300 airports worldwide and are seeing new locations every day.

software solution BAGTAG
what BAGTAG can do

DCS Connection

The BAGTAG Platform handles baggage check-in just like any self-service kiosk. Through the secure DCS connection with the airline, BAGTAG receives an encrypted boarding pass or booking reference.  Baggage allowance is checked and after authorization, and bag tags are created.

Application framework

Checking in baggage can become part of the application check-in flow very easily. The BAGTAG EBT framework offers a complete user interface that requires minimal development efforts, it can simply be configured and added to the airline’s mobile app. 

Don’t want to wait for your app development team? Need help creating your business case? BAGTAG is ready for it! With just the DCS connection in place, passengers can already check in using the BAGTAG application.

With airline app integration

We’ve got an easily implemented software framework ready that is  fully customizable and airline-branded. 

Your passengers will go through the same experience checking in for their flights as they are checking in their baggage. They are able to check in their bags within 30 seconds.

Without app integration

There are a few reasons to opt for BAGTAG integration without integrating it in the airline application. One can only spend an hour once and even though it’s easy to implement, your application developer team might have other things on their hands. Or, you want to test run the BAGTAG concept a bit further down the line before showing it in your own branding. Maybe you connect through a standalone airport with a few other carriers. Some airlines simply don’t have their own application just yet.

In any case, we’re happy to host your passengers in our own application, the BAGTAG app.

Note: we would always recommend airline application integration as this provides a seamless closed-circuit user flow for your passengers.


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