We have partnered up with Versa to create our newest innovation: BAGTRACK, the complete luggage tracking solution 

Versa x BAGTAG

Because not every trip goes as smoothly as planned.

Together, BAGTAG & Versa are further improving the passenger experience by reducing lost luggage rates among many airports and airlines. 


The most complete luggage tracking solution on the market

BAGTAG has partnered up with Versa to create the easiest and stress-free travelling experience with baggage, offering airlines and passengers a unique baggage tracking solution: BAGTRACK, an innovative real-time baggage tracker. Designed for air travel.

Innovation at its best

Versa has created highly innovative features for BAGTRACK.

For example, the device has a patented automatic flight mode, the BAGTRACK knows when it enters an airplane. It is completely compliant with aviation regulations and also helps to save battery power.

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