Why offer BAGTAG to your passengers?

Let us show you the many benefits of electronic bag tags for your passengers.

Become the airline that doesn’t make you wait

Queuing is one of the most frustrating parts of travelling for any passenger.

With BAGTAG, baggage can be handled up to 4x faster and fewer queues are formed.

Putting resources towards decreasing time spent going through the check-in process ultimately means increased passenger satisfaction.

Become the airline that ensures your safety & health

BAGTAG helps to reduce queuing and touchpoints.

With BAGTAG passengers can tag their baggage from anywhere, meaning they are no longer required to touch anything at the airport besides their own luggage.

By avoiding queues at the airport, it also reduces the chance of contamination.

As fewer check-in staff and desks are needed,  these resources can be allocated for health checks.

Become the airline that innovates

Industry leadership is not just about the number of passengers you carry.

Become an industry innovator and future-proof your passenger experience, by offering the next level of digitalised baggage service.

Become the airline that trusts its passengers

People like to be in control of their own journey, every step of the way, through their personal mobile devices.

Nowadays we see almost every customer experience become more digitalised, and with that customers take more and more control over their own journey.

Over 85% of flyers already use their mobile to do so.

Become the airline that doesn’t lose luggage

With BAGTAG, bags get lost a lot less easily.

About 25 million bags are lost each year – often due to a lack of readability of the paper labels and old labels on the bag. 

Become the airline that flies paperless

Paper labels are often not recycled, and are therefore a strain on the environment.

With BAGTAG you are contributing to a more environmentally-friendly way of traveling. 

100% travel-proof

Our BAGTAGs have been through more than 300 airports worldwide.

They are ultimately created to withstand all travel conditions. BAGTAGs can sustain any type of baggage handling.

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