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Why Electronic Bag Tags?

The global airline passenger market is incredibly large and expected to grow to 7 billion boarded passengers in 2025…

This explosive passenger growth is putting immense pressure on the industry to increase capacity and smoothen operations.

With electronic bag tags you can reduce check-in time for passengers, by enabling to arrive at the airport fully prepared for their flight. 

The next step in customer experience innovation lies off-airport. 

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BAGTAG EBT solutions

BAGTAG’s EBT solutions offers a unique and easy way for your airline to start working with electronic bag tags. 

This solution is set up with airlines’ and passengers’ needs in mind and ensures full interoperability across all connected airlines. 

As an airline you can furthermore offer a choice of device to your passenger as all leading suppliers of electronic bag tags are supported already. 

The actual rollout of electronic bag tags across your network can furthermore be fully facilitated by BAGTAG’s experienced launch team.

Integration in 3 easy steps

1. Analysis

BAGTAG’s implementation team will start with an analysis of all requirements and current infrastructure together with your relevant departments.

Resulting in no surprises along the way and always  a swift implementation.

2. Implementation

After thorough assessment and agreed implementation plan, our team can support every step along the way.

Challenging internal road maps? In that case all work can be taken over by our in-house development team.

3. Rollout

With the basics in place, the last step is a smooth rollout across your network. 

Having completed several rollouts, our team knows what’s important and will apply this knowledge to ensure the best possible results and easy adoption. 

Easy integration

BAGTAG’s software is designed to be implemented at minimal pressure on resources. An easy plug-and-play solution is the result of years of development and improvements. 

If you don’t have any resources available, we can place our development team with your own internal teams to swiftly finish the technical integrations.

Highest level of security

Baggage is a part of your organisation’s critical infrastructure. Why take any risks? 

BAGTAG’s EBT solution makes use of a unique end-to-end encryption model that ensures no EBTs can be tampered with. It furthermore allows for a controlled acceptance of EBTs across your network. 

Flexible layout

No baggage label is the same across airlines and airports. Catering to specific needs and custom requirements can be challenging. 

With BAGTAG’s EBT solutions, you have the tools to centrally manage the layout of the EBTs you accept across your network.  


One solution, multiple EBTs, all airlines. That’s the idea. 

With BAGTAG’s EBT solutions, passengers that already own an approved EBT will be able to use it on your airline. 

Benefits for airlines

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Significant enhancement of net promotor scores of your airline by offering passengers improved check-in experience.

Realise over 70% efficiency gains of existing check-in infrastructure. Make the most of expensive terminal equipment.

Better readability of the BAGTAG’s display compared to paper tags means less mishandled luggage.

Getting rid of non-recyclable paper disposables such as paper bag tags significantly reduces operational carbon footprint.

Crew can spend less time land-side and spend time where it matters: preparing the plane to meet scheduled departure time 

At many stations, airlines still employ manual processes to label, drop and process crew luggage. 

Due to improved readability of the BAGTA’s display, chances of a crew member’s bag getting lost are greatly reduced. 

Being the backbone of your flight operations, ensuring a pleasant baggage experience for your crew is highly important. 

With BAGTAG your passengers will be able to check in their luggage from anywhere they like

Using BAGTAG shortens the time at the bag drop to <20 seconds, resulting no more queues

Using BAGTAG shortens the time at the bag drop to <20 seconds, resulting no more queues

Passengers demand more and more self-service solutions, with a strong channel-trend towards mobile. 

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Benefits for suppliers

BAGTAG offers all EBT vendors the opportunity to connect to its EBT solution

shorten time to market

Benefiting from extensive experience in the EBT industry and airline connections means dramatically reduced time-to-market.


Focus on what you’re good at: making an excellent device to introduce to the realm of frequently travelling passengers. 


One secure platform to connect with multiple airlines means less time and resources spent on developing back-end systems.

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