The first Electronic Bag Tag that is flexible & batteryless

Now available for pre-order


The BAGTAG Flex can be used on any type of luggage and is interchangeable between bags.

The BAGTAG Flex has a wrap lock system that can endure any travel condition, and at the same time easily reattached to a different bag.

Click on the video to see how to attach the BAGTAG Flex.

The BAGTAG Flex uses Near Field Communication Technology (NFC).

The BAGTAG Flex can be updated without even touching the device. Simply hold your phone close to the BAGTAG. 

Click on the video to see how to update the BAGTAG Flex.


The BAGTAG Flex is completely batteryless and connects seamlessly with any phone.

The BAGTAG Flex uses a very small amount of energy from the phone it connects to, in order to update its e-paper label. The BAGTAG Flex is batteryless, so no recharging is necessary.

The BAGTAG Flex is completely travel-and-airport proof.

The BAGTAG Flex is made to withstand all types of travel conditions, just like the BAGTAG Fix.

Now available for pre-order

You can use BAGTAG Flex at the following airlines

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