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How to attach: BAGTAG Fix

With the BAGTAG Belt

In case you prefer to use your BAGTAG on multiple suitcases, we suggest you opt for the flexible solution. The flexible solution entails attaching the BAGTAG to a belt.

On a soft shell bag

When you would like to attach the BAGTAG to a soft shell bag, we advise you to screw the device to your luggage using the screws that are included in the package or to attach the device with the adhesive tape. 

On a hard shell bag

When you would like to attach the BAGTAG to a hard shell bag, we advise you to stick the device to the piece of luggage using the VBH tape attached to the device. Please note: stick the BAGTAG on the long side of your luggage only!

How to attach: BAGTAG Flex

Attaching the Flex

Wrap the strap around the suitcase handle and put it
back in the strap holder. Pull to tighten. The BAGTAG is
now secured to your bag.

Detaching the Flex

Use the included security pin to unlock the attachment
mechanism. Pull the strap out. The BAGTAG is now
detached from your bag.

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