4 reasons why checking in your
baggage is the smarter move

Discover why checking in a bag often beats a carry-on for travel.

When it comes to flying, deciding whether to check a bag or rely solely on a carry-on can be a topic of debate among (frequent) flyers. While the convenience and simplicity of a carry-on bag may seem appealing, there are instances where checking in a bag can enhance your travel experience. 

We’ll go into the advantages of checking in, like having the freedom to pack more efficiently and avoiding the unwarranted stress that comes with gate-checking a bag. If you’re willing to consider changing your luggage strategy, continue reading to learn why checking in baggage is the key to a less stressful and more enjoyable trip.

Reason #1

Unexpected surprises at the gate

Particularly on crowded flights, overhead bin space is frequently limited and can fill up quickly. If all of your luggage is carry-on, there’s a possibility that you won’t have room for it, which results in the inconvenience of gate-checking it. By checking in your bag, you eliminate the need to scramble for space and avoid the potential hassle of gate-checking your carry-on bag. Learn more about what happens when you have to gate-check a bag.

Reason #2

A hands-free airport experience

Navigating the airport becomes a breeze once you’ve checked in your baggage and gone through security, which is much less stressful and faster when you have fewer items to manage. When you make the choice to leave your carry-on behind and opt for checked baggage, you unlock a world of convenience and flexibility at the airport.

By lightening your load and eliminating the burden of a carry-on, you can effortlessly navigate through various airport facilities. This newfound freedom allows you to gracefully adapt to unexpected situations like gate changes or unforeseen delays while making your way through the bustling airport environment.

Reason #3

Pack whatever you want & need

You can pack whatever you want and need for your trip by checking a bag, giving you more freedom and flexibility. It enables you to pack larger items and bring a wider variety of necessities than carry-on restrictions and limitations. After all, 100 ml isn’t a lot to take on a trip that lasts more than a couple of days.

A checked bag gives you all the room you need, whether you need it for bulky winter clothing, an additional pair of shoes, or special equipment for work or hobbies. This allows you to pack without being concerned about leaving out necessary items or sacrificing comfort. Essentially, by checking a bag, you can bring whatever you want and ensure that you are well-prepared for your journey by removing the need for strict packing restrictions.

Reason #4

Become a better citizen of the sky

Checking a bag doesn’t just benefit you; it showcases your thoughtfulness as a traveller. Opting for checked baggage speeds up boarding, keeps boarding areas clear, and reduces crowding at the gate. By considering others, you directly contribute to enhancing everyone’s flying experience.

In conclusion, checking your bags gives you the freedom from carry-on luggage’s size and weight restrictions as well as the peace of mind that comes with having no baggage restrictions, allowing you to move around the airport with ease. Enjoy the freedom and ease that come with checking your bag and embrace a stress-free travel experience!

Still hesitant to check in your luggage? Choose a BAGTAG for your luggage to prep your bags at home and skip the long airport lines. 

Put your luggage worries to rest

Use BAGTAG to travel effortlessly with check-in luggage. Now with 20% off until July 31st.

Put your luggage worries to rest

Use BAGTAG to travel effortlessly with check-in luggage. Now with 20% off until July 31st.

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