Article 1. Applicability

1. This is the Privacy Statement of DS TAGS Group B.V., trading under the name of BAGTAG, having its office in Almere and place of business at Randstadweg 21 39 A, 1314 BG, Chamber of Commerce number 58980792 (hereinafter: “Controller”).
2. This Privacy Statement applies to services provided by the Controller and the personal data the Controller processes in that context. You must agree to the Privacy Statement before being able to purchase the Controller’s services.

Article 2. Use of personal data by Controller

1. When you use the Controller’s services, the following personal data will be processed: your first name, last name, email address and flight data, in so far as necessary to enable the Controller’s services.
2. The Controller may make combinations of personal data, including personal data from others or the Controller’s data files.
3. The personal data may be shared with affiliated airlines in order to improve the services.
4. After you have provided them, the personal data will be stored in BAGTAG systems.
5. Your personal data will be processed with a view to fulfilment of the agreements you have concluded with the Controller.
6. The Controller may analyse (statistical) data of your use of the services and share this with third parties that the Controller considers to be reliable, with a view to optimising (use of) the services.
7. The Controller will also use your personal data for the following purposes:
a. Keeping statistics;
b. Offering support.
8. The Controller will be entitled to provide your personal data to third parties if:
a. This is necessary for processing the personal data as described in this Privacy Statement;
b. The Controller is obligated to do so based on a court ruling or warrant;
c. The Controller is asked to do so because of an alleged or actual wrongful act on your part;
d. This is reasonably necessary to perform the Controller’s rights in respect of persons or organisations, including enforcement of compliance with agreements

Article 3. Inspection and adjustment

1. You can always review and, where necessary, modify your own personal data. You can do this by sending an email. Prior to Removal of your data will be subject to a weighing of interests by the Controller.

Article 4. Security

1. The Controller is obligated to take and carry out appropriate technical and organisational security measures in respect of processing of your personal data. The following measures have been taken:
a. Access to personal data requires the use of a user name and password;
b. Secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) are used to encrypt all information between you and our website in case of access to your personal data;
c. We keep statistics on our website, which will at all times remain anonymous.

Article 5. Other

1. This Privacy Statement may be modified. The Controller will at all times be entitled to do so. After modification, the new Privacy Statement will be presented to you before you can use the Controller’s services. The most recent version of the Privacy Statement will be sent to you at your request.
2. If you continue to use the services after modification of the Privacy Statement, you grant permission for processing of the personal data as described in the current Privacy Statement
3. You can contact the Controller if you have any questions or comments. For contact details, see
4. This Privacy Statement is governed by Dutch law. Any disputes will be brought before the competent court in the Controller’s domicile.

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