General information

Find all information regarding BAGTAG Track and the testing process here.

About Track

The BAGTAG Track is the only luggage tracker purely designed for tracking baggage on designated flights.

Meaning not only can the Track notify where baggage is located at all times, but it will also warn its owner when it notices it is going to miss a flight.

How it works

The BAGTAG Track can be put into any piece of baggage and you can check the location of the bag in the BAGTAG app.

You will receive regular updates on the whereabouts of your baggage, for example when the Track enters the aircraft, or when it is ready for pick up at the baggage belt.

Testing process

You are testing our newest innovation and we provide a free sample, including a half-year subscription, which gives you access to all the BAGTAG Track features.

Through the test area, you can fill in the surveys after every flight.

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