How to use BAGTAG with Austrian Airlines

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Austrian Airlines offers its passengers the option to use BAGTAG’s electronic bag tag. The device is designed to replace traditional paper luggage tags and it features an electronic display that can be set up using a Bluetooth connection.

The BAGTAG is a permanent solution that can be used again and again. There is no longer a need to obtain a luggage tag at the airport that is made of wasteful thermal paper. Besides, you as a passenger are given full control over the baggage check-in process. You can arrive at the airport fully prepared and simply drop off your luggage. At airports with a two-step self-service bag drop, you can even skip the queues at the check-in kiosk.

Step 1 - Before your first flight with a BAGTAG

First register your BAGTAG in the BAGTAG app. The BAGTAG app can be downloaded in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please make a note of your login details. You will need these later inside the Lufthansa app to setup your BAGTAG.

Step 2 - Check-in

Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa group. When you as a passenger would like to use a BAGTAG when flying with Austrian Airlines, you will have to check in your bag using the Lufthansa app. So, below explanation focuses on the Lufthansa app.  

To setup the BAGTAG for your journey, please use the Lufthansa app to check in for your flight and to obtain your mobile boarding pass as you would normally do.

After checking in for your flight, there are two ways to update your BAGTAG from within the Lufthansa app.

Option 1: creating a bag tag from your mobile boarding pass

Open your mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. In the boarding pass’s drop-down menu, which you can open via the symbol on the bottom right on an iPhone and the top right on an Android device, you will find the entry ‘Smart bag’. 


Lufthansa app: boarding pass

Option 2: creating a bag tag from the main menu of the Lufthansa app

The entry ‘Smart bag’ is a sub-item of the menu item ‘Baggage’ in the Lufthansa app. The ‘Smart bag’ entry opens a list of the upcoming flights for which you have already checked in. You will find the menu item ‘Smart bag’ listed under each travel entry. 


Lufthansa app: menu

Regardless of the method you have chosen, you will be directed to the preceding declaration concerning the carriage of dangerous goods. You have to acknowledge and confirm this declaration for legal reasons.

After confirmation, the choice of manufacturer for your ‘Smart bag’ will be displayed. Select BAGTAG.

Step 3 - BAGTAG Login

To set up your BAGTAG, you have to login using the account credentials of your BAGTAG account. You obtained these credentials when registering your BAGTAG in the BAGTAG app.


Lufthansa app: BAGTAG login

After filling in your account credentials, please press the button on your BAGTAG and tap ‘Proceed’ on your screen to start the transfer. The BAGTAG will then be updated.

Lufthansa app: BAGTAG update


After updating your BAGTAG, the Lufthansa app shows you the essential information that should be found on the BAGTAG display. Please check and confirm that the display and the information match. If you notice any discrepancies, or if the transfer has not been successful, you can start a new transfer attempt after tapping on ‘Cancel’.


Lufthansa app: smart bag information

You will receive the electronic baggage receipt in the Lufthansa app after you dropped off your bag at the airport.

Step 4 - At the airport

As a BAGTAG user, you arrive at the airport fully prepared. You only have to drop off your luggage. At the airport, BAGTAGs are accepted at self-service bag drop machines and at manned check-in counters as well.



Do you have any other questions? Please visit BAGTAG’s support page to find the answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have any specific questions related to the Lufthansa app? Please visit Lufthansa’s website. For any Austrian Airlines specific questions, please contact Austrian Airlines’ customer support.

Good to know: the lithium content of the BAGTAG battery is well below the threshold for carriage on board a plane. 


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