Coming soon: our newest innovation that helps to take even more control over your journey. 

About Track

The BAGTAG Track is the first baggage tracker exclusively made for air travel. 

It’s main purpose is to track your bag while it travels on its assigned flight (s). The Track knows where it needs to go, so it’ll always let you know where your bag is and notify you if you’re going to miss a flight.

The Track will be able to connect to your other BAGTAG devices through the BAGTAG app for a seamless experience.

How it works

The BAGTAG Track can be put into any piece of baggage and its location can be seen in the BAGTAG app.

You will receive regular updates on the whereabouts of your baggage, for example when the Track enters the aircraft, or when it is ready for pick up at the baggage belt.

When is Track available?

The BAGTAG Track is now undergoing testing and is expected to be available to the public by the end of this year (2022). Until then, follow us on Instagram & Facebook for sneak peeks and updates until the release date.

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