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The baggage check-in is a highly critical process in the airline’s operation. Each airline has unique business rules and use cases. The BAGTAG EBT Framework has been designed to be very flexible in order to adopt seamlessly into the operation.

Baggage check-in can be completely managed by BAGTAG through our direct DCS connections. Within the app, simply supply the passenger data in the form of the boarding pass data, as defined in IATA Resolution 792.

Alternatively, an airline can provide the necessary information via 2 callbacks:

  • Eligibility: Check the passenger’s baggage allowance and routing availablity.
  • Check-in: Add/Check-in baggage for the passenger.

More information on the BAGTAG DCS integration and label data formatting can be found in the DCS section of this site.

More information on the callbacks can be found in the example app.


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