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The BAGTAG Platform is the heart of our operation. It is the bridge between the world’s leading airline platforms on the one end and cutting-edge electronic devices on the other. All aimed at bringing innovation to the way people travel with luggage.

More and more airlines are joining BAGTAG,  with that, our platform is expanding rapidly. We are looking for developers to join our team so we can keep expanding and innovating.

Are you the next addition to our passionate team? Submit your Curriculum Vitae and motivation to and we will review your application.

Your day-to-day at BAGTAG

BAGTAG is looking for developers who will focus with us on our technical backend development.

We take great pride in our software solution and with our new BAGTAG application and new products launching, we have plenty of developing to take care of. 

We never do things half way so focus and agility are important when working on our projects. You’ll be working closely with our Chief Technical Officer, app developers, airlines and our industry partners.

While we have made great progress over the past years, we currently find ourselves at a really exciting time in which many new parts of our solution are being defined and built. You can be a part of this growing solution that actually changes the way we travel with luggage. 

Who are you?

A general view of who we believe would fit great in our team:

  • You have an affinity with our mission to make travel better for everyone.
  • You work analytically, think in possibilities and can create a realistic image of a plan.
  • You like to innovate, to try and test new ideas.
  • You have the ability to work independently and be proactive.
  • You are not afraid to share your opinion.
  • You love the aviation industry, or programming, or both.
  • You have a junior, medior or senior level of experience.

Your expertise is needed for..

We are connecting to APIs of global enterprises, so you would need to know your way around HTTPS, REST, XML, JSON, Firewalls, VPNs… and all of the documentation that comes with it.

In our industry, we handle data that is sensitive for both airlines and passengers. Security, encryption, authentication and GDPR are all very, very important and embedded in everything that we do.

The devices that ultimately fly (literally) are small embedded devices, using Bluetooth, NFC or LPWAN. It’s comes down to truly understanding bits and bytes, protocols, data structures and patterns.

How we work

The BAGTAG platform is already driving hundreds of thousands of electronic bag tags globally. It is an operational platform that is constantly evolving to support our ultimate goal, improving the way people travel with baggage.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, version controlled in Git, deployed via pipelines. You will find a variety of tools we use: .NET/C#, Javascript/TypeScript/NodeJS, MsSQL/MongoDB/Secure file storage. No matter your skill-set, you can both learn and contribute!

Your knowledge of all these things, or your eagerness to learn them, will help us take the BAGTAG Platform to the next level. Sometimes hands-on at our office, sometimes from the home office.

What do we offer

  • The opportunity to be part of the small revolution we are bringing to the travel industry, something to proudly look back on in the future!
  • A salary you are truly happy with.
  • Flexibility in terms of your workplace. 
  • Challenging work to fully immerse yourself in, so that you occasionally forget that you’re working.
  • An informal working environment with innovative colleagues.

Are you the next addition to our team?

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